New Modern & Yorkshire Artist Added

New Modern & Yorkshire Artist Added

Coolbox is a mixed media artist, he lives and works in the East Riding of Yorkshire. He has been developing his skills over a period of 40 years, initially in metal sculpting and iron work and now in paint and canvas.

His naive style of painting strips down imagery into its basic form and colour, giving life to brick and stone. His unique perspective has given new life to familiar scenes from the towering presence of York Minster to the coastal harbours of Staithes and Robin Hoods Bay. Colour is very important to him.

"I have carefully selected a palate of colours which I use to bring light and joy into my work." He sees our constructed world as more than just function and form, he adds a unique organic quality to his work. His love of Boats and a unique take on the familiar landmarks and landscapes of Yorkshire are present in the vibrant work of Coolbox.

He taps into the hidden colours and shapes just on the edge of our vision. "I use my art to explore imagery, to see under, behind and beneath the clutter"

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