Huggate Royal Academy Artist

Robert Clarkson-Huggate's Royal Academy Painter-Discovered

William Gibbons Fine Art will display 2 rare oil paintings by the Huggate born Artist Robert Clarkson (1857-1924) at the Wolds Inn Huggate ( from Sunday 8th July until Sunday 29th July. The pictures show views of Silver St and of the Church from the pond were painted in the late 19th century and have changed very little. They are for sale.

Robert Clarkson was a fine 19th Century painter of landscapes, who trained at the York School of Art under John Windass and at the Royal Academy Schools. He was born in Huggate and had four works exhibited at the Royal Academy and he lived in Pocklington and exhibited between 1880 and 1914. He died in Scarborough. William Gibbons Fine Art discovered the pictures of his home village at a sale in the North-West and decided to bring them home to his native Yorkshire and share them with the village and the Public.