Exhibition Success

Spring Cottage Pop-Up Gallery would like to congratulate Josh Harrison on the success of his Photography Exhibition, A Snapshot of Yorkshire held on the 14th & 15th October. We have been overwhelmed by the response to the images from the many people who attended at the Weekend. We would like to thank, Pixel to Print Hull, Alma Printers Driffield, Paul Bishop and all our friends and neighbours who helped make the Exhibition such a huge success. In particular a big thanks to Samantha Ullyott of Ullyott Chartered Accountants for her kind and generous sponsorship. We raised £220 for the Rohingya Crisis Appeal. A big thanks to all who kindly donated.

We would be happy to hear from Artists, Photographers and Sculptors who would like our expertise to arrange, hang and promote their work.
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Snapshot Of Yorkshire Exhibition

Spring Cottage pop-up Gallery is delighted to host Josh Harrison's latest exhibition of stunning photographs. We try to provide an economical platform for emerging young Artists and Photographers. We have a few slots left for 2018 and would be happy to entertain requests for talented Artists and Photographers or Sculptors. Please email with some images and details to r.small@talktalk.net


Latest Artists

William Gibbons are proud to introduce three more artists. Bill Barden. His work captures the lifestyle of the coal miners of West Yorkshire. Northern Ireland Artist Brian Stewart who paints landscapes and coastal scenes in a contemporary style, and the well known Yorkshire Artist David Allen. We are delighted to showcase his work. David is an elected member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists. He is also a President and member of the noted Fylingdales Group of Artists.

Miner & pit pony-thumb
Paintings 2010 004-thumb

Picture Sells At Auction

A Clients picture put through Adams Auctioneers in Dublin by William Gibbons Fine Art made $1100 Euros on the 30th of April..The signed Chalk and Pencil Portrait of Sir Roger Casement the Irish Patriot executed for Treason in London's Pentonville Prison in 1916 was by the much sought after Yorkshire Artist Sir William Rothenstein who was famous for his drawings of famous people and who became President of the Royal Academy. William Gibbons Director Victoria Small expressed delight at the result and said that the private Client was very happy and glad that they had asked William Gibbons to handle the valuation and sale.


Ben Clarke Exhibition

William Gibbons have great pleasure in announcing a new private viewing of new work by one of the UK’s most talented young artists, Ben Clarke. Ben is studying at the Slade school of art. Ben has exhibited in Barcelona, London & New York and this is a rare opportunity to view work by this original and very collectable young artist. His work bridges gaps between notions of high culture and low culture and explores ideas about folk or vernacular art as well as ideas relating to traditional, professionalised painting practice.


Portrait Up For Auction

A rare chalk and Pencil portrait belonging to a William Gibbons client will go for Auction at the famous Irish Auction House Adams in Dublin on April the 30th. The rare portrait is of Sir Roger Casement by Yorkshire Artist Sir William Rothenstein (born in Bradford) who became president of the Royal Academy. Rothenstein was notable for his sketches of famous people.

Sir Roger Casement was hanged for treason in Pentonville Prison in 1916 for landing arms for the Irish Rebellion from a German Submarine. The portrait will be of particular interest to Irish Patriots and fans of Rothensteins work. Please contact Kieran O'Boyle at Adams for further details.


Arctic Photography Private Viewing

William Gibbons Fine Art Ltd hosted "Under Northern Skies"-The first major collection of Arctic Landscape & Wildlife images by Nafferton based Photographer Josh Harrison. The private viewing attended by family, friends and private clients featured work from Josh's trips to Spitsbergen and Iceland.

William Gibbons Director Victoria Small said, "We are delighted with the response to Josh's work and the viewing was highly successful. This kind of event offers aspiring young artists an opportunity to promote and talk about their work". The public can see these photos and new work from another trip this summer at York Theatre Royal from the 14th October to November 25th-Admission free.

"Josh & William Gibbons would like to thank all those who gave to our charity collection at the Arctic Photography Private Viewing. £100 was raised for Women's Aids Charity in Malawi which will enable them to buy their Peanut milling machine and £100 for the World Wildlife Fund".


Arctic Photography Exhibition

Arctic Photography Private Viewing

William Gibbons Announce their next Private View of, Arctic Photography on 23rd Feb 10;30am-4;.00pm, and 24th Feb 11;00am-3;30pm in East Yorkshire, featuring works by local Photographer Josh Harrison & Photographer John Small. Josh Harrison's photography features Polar Bears and other Arctic wildlife and birds as well as Arctic and Scandinavian landscapes. John Small's work features the landscapes and culture of Greenland.


Picture Sell's For £2200

A picture discovered in a Client's Attic made £2200 at Bonhams Knightsbridge sale of Modern British & East Anglian Pictures on the 13th of November. The signed oil painting on canvas was of The Farne Islands from Bamborough Beach painted in 1876 by the much sought after East Anglian Artist John Moore of Ipswich 1820-1902.

William Gibbons Director Victoria Small expressed delight at the result and said that the private Client was very happy and glad that they had asked William Gibbons to handle the valuation and sale.


New Modern Artist Added

New Modern Artist Added

Ben Clarke (b. Ipswich, 1990) is painter and artist based in London. Ben grew up in Ipswich and moved to London in 2009, studying at the Byam Shaw School of Art (2009-10) and at the Slade School of Art (2010-present). Although primarily a painter whose works derive from drawings, Ben is interested in writing, music and community based projects. Earlier this year, Ben completed a series of paintings based on traditional English pub signs as well as a series of peasant-figures in rural landscapes. Ben is currently a student at the New York Studio School of Art in the United States. Ben paints in part of Phillip Guston's old studio. The Directors of William Gibbons Fine Art Ltd have identified Ben Clarke as a rising talent in the Art World and definitely one to follow.


New Modern & Yorkshire Artist Added

New Modern & Yorkshire Artist Added

Coolbox is a mixed media artist, he lives and works in the East Riding of Yorkshire. He has been developing his skills over a period of 40 years, initially in metal sculpting and iron work and now in paint and canvas.

His naive style of painting strips down imagery into its basic form and colour, giving life to brick and stone. His unique perspective has given new life to familiar scenes from the towering presence of York Minster to the coastal harbours of Staithes and Robin Hoods Bay. Colour is very important to him.

"I have carefully selected a palate of colours which I use to bring light and joy into my work." He sees our constructed world as more than just function and form, he adds a unique organic quality to his work. His love of Boats and a unique take on the familiar landmarks and landscapes of Yorkshire are present in the vibrant work of Coolbox.

He taps into the hidden colours and shapes just on the edge of our vision. "I use my art to explore imagery, to see under, behind and beneath the clutter"

artwork 031artwork 034

George Wright Polo Prints

Our latest sporting prints are a set of four images by George Wright (1860-1942). George Wright was a Fine Sporting and Hunting Painter born in Leeds,Yorkshire. He was a fine painter adept at capturing a bygone age of sporting life. He was mainly a self taught artist, He is known for painting superb horse portraits and very good action pictures. His highly accomplished action paintings were exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1892.


Shooting Paintings

William Gibbons Fine Art Ltd is currently displaying two shooting paintings by Thomas Sutherland (1785 - 1838). These paintings are on display at The Wold’s Inn Huggate.

thumb-175 thumb-176

New Modern Artist Added

New Modern Artist Added

William Gibbons Fine Art are continuing to search for young contemporary artistic and photographic talent. Introducing Kirstin Kleinlercher. Contemporary Artist Kirstin was born in 1971 in her native Innsbruck, and brought up on the family farm in the Tyrol. She has always loved painting and photography and trained at College in the USA including a drawing summer school with Sam Ciresi focussing on the Nude. Kirstin's work is driven by an awareness that nothing can be taken for granted and that every day is a gift. Between Marriage, Building a House and having two lovely children Kirstin studied oil Painting and travelled widely to Australia, the USA, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Malta and Italy. Kirstin loves to paint women, especially their faces and eyes and the human body.


Small Donation A Big Deal For Whitby

A VICTORIAN painting of Whitby has been donated to the Pannett Art Gallery.

The late-19th Century piece by English Impressionist Alfred George Morgan, which depicts Whitby harbour, was donated to the gallery by Driffield-based art dealer Robin Small. Mr Small, director of William Gibbons Fine Art Limited and a long-time patron of the Pannett Art Gallery, said: “I was at an auction in Darlington and came across a lovely old painting of what I recognised to be Whitby Abbey and the harbour. “It is quite an unusual piece – it is almost two metres tall and a metre and a half wide. “It wasn’t in the best condition but I wanted to save it – I thought that it would be amazing if it could be restored. “I am absolutely thrilled that I was able to come to an arrangement with the Pannett Art Gallery that I would donate the painting to them if they would have it restored and then display it. “I imagine it will probably take over a year to restore the painting because there is a tear in it, however such is the amazing heritage of the picture it would be a shame if the North Yorkshire public did not get the opportunity to see it. “My love for art was fuelled by visiting the Pannett Art Gallery when I was young and I am pleased to be able to help display a painting of the local area here.”

Helen Berry, curator of the Pannett Art Gallery, was thrilled to take delivery of the painting. Ms Berry said: “We are delighted to extend our collection with this piece and we are very grateful to Robin Small for his generosity in purchasing and delivering the painting to us. “Pannett Art Gallery is continually seeking to expand its collection by adding work depicting local scenes or pieces relevant to the area. “This painting fits our criteria perfectly as it was painted by an artist working in the Whitby area in the 19th Century. “We already have in our possession two pieces by the same artist, AG Morgan, so it will fit in nicely. “We are anticipating that it will take quite some time for the painting to be restored so it may not be exhibited for a while.” Anyone who would like to sponsor the painting or assist with the cost of its restoration can contact Helen Berry on (01947) 600933.

whitbyimage Whitby

Image and text © of Whitby Gazette

Huggate Royal Academy Artist

Robert Clarkson-Huggate's Royal Academy Painter-Discovered

William Gibbons Fine Art will display 2 rare oil paintings by the Huggate born Artist Robert Clarkson (1857-1924) at the Wolds Inn Huggate (http://www.woldsinn.co.uk/) from Sunday 8th July until Sunday 29th July. The pictures show views of Silver St and of the Church from the pond were painted in the late 19th century and have changed very little. They are for sale.

Robert Clarkson was a fine 19th Century painter of landscapes, who trained at the York School of Art under John Windass and at the Royal Academy Schools. He was born in Huggate and had four works exhibited at the Royal Academy and he lived in Pocklington and exhibited between 1880 and 1914. He died in Scarborough. William Gibbons Fine Art discovered the pictures of his home village at a sale in the North-West and decided to bring them home to his native Yorkshire and share them with the village and the Public.